Deliver a Cloud Strategy that Works for your Business — and your Workforce

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Use an integrated, cloud-hosted digital workspace to make users more productive, simplify IT, and ensure the security and agility your business demands

There have never been so many ways for people to get work done. Mobile devices and apps let employees become productive anywhere, at any time. That’s great for the business—but it complicates life for IT.

We’ve introduced SaaS, cloud, and mobility, but people still rely on Windows desktop apps, web apps, and virtual apps. Companies are moving workloads and apps to the cloud, but most will continue to use on-premises resources as well for the foreseeable future.

The more options people have, and the more diverse the enterprise environment grows, the more difficult it becomes for IT to secure, provision, patch, update, repair, and maintain all the software and hardware now in use across the workforce.


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