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DataOps: Moving Financial Services Organizations Into The New Economy

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There has never been a more uncertain—yet more promising—time for financial services organizations. 

Global transactions now occur at blinding, subsecond speeds, as money and payments are now mostly digital. Technology companies, from the bustling fintech sector to the mainstream tech giants, are building new ways for consumers to achieve value. Add to this a surge of regulations and mandates that require financial services providers to be fully cognizant and in control of their data, and how it is used. 

Financial services executives need to rethink their approach to data and create new ways to identify, secure and flow high-value information through their organizations. An emerging practice, data operations—or DataOps—will do just that. 

Read this Forbes Insights e-book which explains what DataOps is, its key advantages and how it helps organizations efficiently employ their data resources to better understand customer requirements, analyze transactions and improve the customer experience.


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